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Hot Tubs

How To Hot Tub

Please watch the videos below to learn how to operate the spa and use the COVER LIFTER BAR and the CONTROl PANEL.

how to use the Hot Tub cover lifter bar

how to use the Hot Tub control panel

Always use the hot tub cover lifter to remove and replace the hot tub cover - Watch the video below.  It's the easiest way to remove it and replace it and you won't damage it.  If you do damage it, the replacement cost is $489.43 and I will charge you that.  I'm very blunt about this because I have an average of 2 guests paying that fee for damaging the hot tub cover every year and I don't want you to be next. Please watch both video's, one is 1 minute & 35 seconds the other is 1 minute & 33 seconds :)

Professionally maintained - The hot tub is professionally maintained prior to every visit. 

Will the hot tub be hot when I arrive? If there was a guest check-out the same day you arrived, the hot tub MAY NOT BE HOT until the morning after your arrival. No need to turn up the thermostat because it won’t help, you just risk breaking the control board - another expensive replacement part

Add chlorine every day - Add one tablespoon of chlorine at the end of every day to keep the tub clean and fresh.  If the tub is getting heavy usage and you don't add the chlorine daily, it will get smelly and you won't be happy.  The chlorine is located either on the back deck or in the boot dryer room on the shelf.

Using the Jets: 2 buttons on the control panel operate the 2 sets of jets, 1 for backs and the 2nd for feet.

Temperature Control: 2 more buttons (+,-) on the control panel are used to increase and decrease the water temperature in the spa.  The resting temp when you arrive will be 101.  If you want it warmer, press the + button, however, the maximum temperature is 104 degrees.  If you try to increase the temp above 104 the display will show weird characters and there is a great likelihood that you will fry the circuit board and heat pump as a result.   That means no spa for you for the rest of your stay and you'll receive a large bill from me when you leave :(  please do not turn the heat above 104 degrees.  



Blinking red light on the control panel - That means the heat pump has tripped its breaker and needs to be reset. The breaker box is located on the wall just to the left or right of the porch entry door (depending on which side of the house you are staying on). Open the lid, rock the 2 breakers off in quick succession, wait 30 seconds, and then rock the breakers back on in quick succession. The light should now be solid red and the hot tub will begin to heat again. 

SPA DISCLOSURE: You understand the use of a hot tub is at your own risk and that special risks may be involved in using the hot tub. You accept full responsibility for any bodily injury arising from the use of the hot tub and hold the owner harmless. 

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