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If you are reading this, you have likely already booked your stay at the Killington Chalet.  I will likely not be at the house when you arrive for your stay, so I have created this house manual in which I share everything you need to know about the house, get acclimated and allow you to relax and enjoy your stay.  Please share this website with all of your group members


If you have questions during your stay, please ping me via the Airbnb App, I alway respond quickly.  If for any reason I don't get back to you quickly, call me or text me.


Here we go ... This is a must-read document :). 


The intent is to provide you with as much information as I can so that you know where everything is (toilet paper, lighter for the BBQ, trash bags, chlorine for the hot tub …) & how everything works (Combination door lock, heat/thermostats, hot tub, wood stove, sauna …), so that you can spend more time relaxing and having fun. 


House Manual Index: 

  1. Contact Your Host, Clint, with any questions or issues during your stay 

  2. Address & Directions 

  3. Main Entrance Door Code and Instruction - please read carefully

  4. Check-in & Checkout Times 

  5. Security Cameras 

  6. Pet Policy – No Pets 

  7. Smoking Policy – No Smoking inside 

  8. Parking 

  9. Hot Tub - Instructions, Usage, Cover Lifter, Disclosure - Must watch video and read, please

  10. Sauna - Instructions, Usage, Cover Lifter, Disclosure 

  11. Coffee Machine 

  12. Window Screens 

  13. Roof Avalanche - Winter 

  14. Bed Linens & Towels 

  15. Fire Extinguishers 

  16. Gas Grills – Location, Instructions, Spare Propane Tanks 

  17. Fire Pit 

  18. Wood Stove – Instructions 

  19. Heat, Thermostat, Furnace 

  20. Circuit Breakers 

  21. Trash 

  22. Bears 

  23. TV, Internet, Telephone 

  24. Boot Dryer 

  25. Lights 

  26. Kitchen 

  27. Bathrooms 

  28. General 

  29. Suggested Items to Bring

  30. Closing Instructions 

  1. Contact Your Host, Clint: The preferred mode of communication is via the Airbnb App, please make sure you download it to your smartphone.  My goal is always to respond to messages immediately. If it’s an emergency and I don’t get back to you right away, you can text or call me on my mobile: 617-686-0888. Contact me ANYTIME with house issues, I sleep with my phone. 

  2. Address & Directions: The address is 205 Anthony Way, Killington VT. From Route 4, turn onto Killington Road, also known as the “Access Road”. The first street on the right as you drive up Killington Rd is Anthony Way, turn onto Anthony Way and 205 is the 5th house on the left with the big red roof. It looks just like the picture on Airbnb. The house is a duplex and you are on the right side as you face the house from the street. Your entry door says, "205 RIGHT". 

  3. Main Entrance Door Code and Instructions: Your door code will be the last 4 digits of the telephone number THAT YOU HAVE LISTED ON AIRBNB (please double check this so you are not locked out!). I will activate this code on the day of your arrival. ) To open the door all you need to do is punch in the 4-digit code, PULL THE DOOR HANDLE TOWARD YOU FIRMLY WHILE ENTERING YOUR CODE AND THE DEADBOLT WILL RETRACT, UNLOCKING THE DOOR - if you don't do this the door will not unlock.  When you lock up it's the same procedure, however, you can either touch the Schlage button or punch the 4-digit code and pull the door toward you and the deadbolt will engage. If you don’t pull the door toward you when unlocking and locking the door, it won’t open. The doors on the front and rear porches still have a regular deadbolt, you will need to lock these from inside. 

4. Check-In & Checkout Times: Check-in is anytime after 4:00 on the day of your arrival and Check-out is at 10 am on the day of your departure. I won't have any flexibility on check-in or checkout times if I have another guest arriving or departing on the same day. 

5. Security Cameras: I have exterior security cameras that are directed toward the front doors, the parking lot, front yard and the back deck overlooking the hot tubs.  All cameras roll 24/7

6. Pet Policy: We have a strict No Pets Policy, NO EXCEPTIONS! I love animals, but my family has serious allergies and asthma and as a result, we cannot have any pets in the house. 

7. SMOKING POLICY: Please, no smoking inside the house or ON THE FRONT DECK. There are dry leaves under the deck and I do not want a match, cigarette butt, or roach to ignite the leaves. Don’t care what you smoke, just not on the decks or in the house. 

8. PARKING: Drive up the driveway and pull in towards the woods on the LEFT as illustrated in the illustration below, park the cars side by side. The people on the left side of the house use the rear of the house to park. CAUTION - DO NOT PARK OR WALK UNDER THE EVES OF THE REAR DECK WHERE THE HOT TUBS ARE LOCATED - THIS IS A WINTER AVALANCHE ZONE. WE HAVE A STANDING SEAM METAL ROOF AND SNOW IS INTENDED TO SLIDE OFF AND IT CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME - The snow is heavy and often contains large chunks of ice, all of which is VERY dangerous and can cause serious injury and death, and damage to vehicles. If an avalanche occurs at the house when you are there, it could potentially block in cars - PLEASE Airbnb App message me, text me or call me if this happens and I will have the plow swing by.  ADDITIONAL PARKING NOTE - DO NOT PARK ON THE FRONT LAWN – that’s where my septic system is. 


9. Hot Tub DISCLOSURE: You understand the use of the hot tub is at your own risk and that special risks may be involved in using the hot tub. You accept full responsibility for any bodily injury arising from the use of the hot tub and hold the owner harmless. 


Important Hot Tub Notes and WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW:

  • Always use the hot tub cover lifter to remove and replace the hot tub cover - Watch the video below.  It's the easiest way to remove it and replace it and you won't damage it.  If you do damage it, the replacement cost is $489.43 and I will charge you that.  I'm very blunt about this because I have an average of 4 guests paying that fee for damaging the hot tub cover every year and I don't want you to be next. Please watch the video - it's 1 minute and 36 seconds :).

  • Will the hot tub be hot when I arrive? If there was a guest check-out the same day you arrived, the hot tub will NOT BE HOT until the morning after your arrival. No need to turn up the thermostat because it won’t help, you just risk breaking the control board - another expensive replacement part.

  • Add chlorine every day - Add one tablespoon of chlorine at the end of every day to keep the tub clean and fresh.  If the tub is getting heavy usage and you don't add the chlorine daily, it will get smelly and you won't be happy.  The chlorine is located either on the back deck or in the boot dryer room on the shelf.

  • 104 Degrees is the max temp for the hot tub - Never turn the heat above 104 in the tub, it doesn’t register above 104. If you try to exceed 104, the numeric number will disappear from the control panel and you need to hit the minus button "-" to bring it back into range. If you leave it out of range, the control board will fry, the tub won't heat water anymore and I will charge you for the repair :(

  • The resting temp is between 101-104 degrees when in use. Feel free to lower the temp, but please note the controls DO NO ALLOW you to increase the temp beyond 104, so please don’t try. 

  • Blinking red light on the control panel - That means the heat pump has tripped its breaker and needs to be reset. The breaker box is located just to the right of the door on the wall. Open the lid, rock the 2 breakers off in quick succession, wait 30 seconds, and then rock the breakers back on in quick succession. The light should now be solid red and the hot tub will begin to heat again. 

  • No Power - Check the breaker inside the house and reset it if necessary.  The breaker box is the gray box on the wall just to the left of the TV in the living room. If the tub doesn't turn off after resetting the breaker, follow the instructions above for the Blinking red light on the control panel

  • Professionally maintained - The hot tub is professionally maintained and is drained, scrubbed, rinsed, and refilled prior to every visit. ​​

how to use the Hot Tub cover lifter bar

how to use the Hot Tub control panel

10. Sauna: DISCLOSURE: You understand the use of SAUNA is at your own risk and that special risks may be involved in using the hot tub. You accept full responsibility for any bodily injury arising from the use of the hot tub and hold the owner harmless. Directions: Wind up the timer and the sauna will heat up, sometimes the timer sticks, so when finished just wind it back to zero. There is no lock on the door, so don’t worry about getting locked in.


11. Coffee Machine: One of the most common questions asked. Yes, we have one and we provide filters. It’s a drip coffee machine.


12. Window Screens (spring, summer & fall): Watch the video below and learn how unlock windows and insert window screens.  If you open the windows and don’t use screens the mosquitos, bugs and moths will get in the house. That’s right, you are in the woods of VT. There are a few built in window screens, but in most cases you will need insert portable screens. These screens are very fragile, so please handle them with care when inserting them into the windows. Expand the screen, place in the window and then close the window firmly against the screen to keep it in place. Did I say they were fragile? They are! There should be screens in every room, however, guests do move them around the house, so if you don’t see some in your room, check out the others and you’ll find them. There is no A/C.

13. Roof Avalanche: (winter) CAUTION! Our house has a metal roof and the snow is intended to slide off the roof and that can happen at ANY TIME! The snow is heavy and often contains large chunks of ice, all of which are VERY dangerous and can cause serious injury and death.


  • Front Deck - Do not use the front deck during the winter when there is snow on the roof.  Grilling is okay as long as the grills are located under the eves of the roof 

  • Rear Parking Area - Do not walk under or park your car under or near the eaves of the rear deck where the hot tubs are located - snow can and will slide into that area.  

  • In the event of a slide on the rear roof with snow spilling into the driveway, please Airbnb message me, text me, or call me and I will have a plow swing by to plow the snow.

  • Did you see the pic on the Airbnb listing with the front of the house buried in snow? Much of that slid off the roof! USE CAUTION! 


14. Bed Linens and Towels … Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Hand Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner: These are provided for your convenience. 


15. Fire Extinguishers: There are two fire extinguishers in the house. One is located to the left of the counter height table & stools outside of the kitchen. The second is in located the laundry room on a shelf.


16. Gas Grill: There are multiple Weber grills on the front deck for you to choose from, start with the two that are right outside the doors to the deck. Usage Instructions: A. Lift the top to the grill – This needs to remain open until the grill has been lit and only then can it be closed. B. Turn on the gas at the propane tank by turning the knob counterclockwise all the way until it stops and then clockwise for a quarter turn. C. There are 3 knobs on to the right of the grill box to adjust the grill temperature. Turn on the one that says start and then hit the starter button D. If the starter button is not working, then you will need to use one of the wand lighters in the house. There is a small hole in the front face of the grill where you insert the wand to light the grill. See the image below. E. Turn on the other burners and set them to the desired temperature. F. The grill should be hot within 10-15 minutes. G. When finished, PLEASE be sure to turn all knobs to the off position including the one at the propane tank by turning it clockwise. If you don’t, you may not have any gas left when you use the grill next time. Extra tank(s) of propane can be found in the boot dryer room on the floor. If all tanks are empty, you can EXCHANGE them at the Killington Deli on Rt. 4 for ~$15.99. Text me the receipt and I reimburse you through the Airbnb App, Venmo, or Zelle right away. Directions to the Deli: From Anthony Way, take a left on Killington Rd. At Rt. 4, take a left and follow for ¼ mile. It’s on the left-hand side of the road. The Deli is not open late, maybe 5 or 6 pm, so go early.


 “How to” light the gas grills -


17. Fire Pit (spring, summer, and fall): Please use the fire pit with great care, using it is the easiest way to burn down the house ;) Please make sure you are using it on the front lawn or driveway and keep the lid on while in use. There is plenty of firewood available on either side of the house. Do not light the fire pit on the front deck, it’s wood and it will burn. IF THERE IS NO WOOD INSIDE OR ON THE WOOD PILE AT THE FRONT DOOR, AMPLE WOOD CAN BE FOUND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE. Be safe! 


18. Wood Stove winter, cold weather note:  It may sound weird, but, do NOT use the wood stove use if it’s -5 degrees or colder. The furnace area contains the water pipes and if the furnace is not calling for heat, the furnace doesn’t run and the area gets COLD. If the pipes freeze, you will have no water to shower, drink, flush toilets, etc. The first indicator that this is happening is the loss of water in the sinks and toilets. If this does occur open a couple of water faucets (like you are turning on the water) and crank up the thermostat to get the furnace heated up. This has only occurred twice in the last 17 years, but I want to let you know, just in case. 


Wood stove Operating Instructions: Make sure there is nothing on the top of the wood stove, EVER. Just below the door, there is a wire knob. Pull this towards you all the way to open the flue when starting your fire. Sometimes it can be helpful to slightly open a window or the back porch door to get the stove drafting and to light the fire a little more quickly. Once the fire is burning well, you can close the window or door and adjust the flue by pushing the wire knob in to get the fire burning, as you like. I always recommend picking up some newspapers when you are out and about to use to start your fire, like the free Mountain Times. There should also be a couple of fire starter blocks behind the wood stove on the very thing ledge against the firebrick. You should only need one, conserve so you can have more fires. A lighter can be found on the wall behind the wood stove or in one of the kitchen drawers. IF THERE IS NO WOOD INSIDE OR ON THE WOOD PILE AT THE FRONT DOOR, AMPLE WOOD CAN BE FOUND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE. 


19. Heat/ Thermostat/Furnace: (winter) There is a single thermostat for the house and that is on the dining room wall next to the light switch. That controls the baseboard heat in the downstairs bedroom as well as all of the upstairs. If you have a raging fire in the wood stove and the main living area is very warm, the bedrooms may get cool because the thermostat won’t be calling for heat. I recommend less wood stove use as the night goes on so that everyone is warm at night while they sleep. The furnace in the house is relatively new, however, if the heat is not working, message your host ASAP.  If you don't hear back from me within 5 minutes, call the heating company directly, CV Oil,  and they will service the furnace day or night. Telephone: 802-746-8018 – This number is also posted in the house on the bulletin board. NO HEAT = FROZEN PIPES = NO FUN 


20. Circuit Breakers: In the event that one of the circuit breakers trips, the breaker panel is located in the living room on the wall, just to the left of the TV. All you need to do is identify which breaker and reset it (rock the switch to the left and then the right). 


21. Trash: When you fill a trash or recycling bag, please tie it off and place it in the outside trash bin just to the right of the woodpile. It’s a bear box that keeps the bears out of the trash. Make sure you latch the cable to lock the box after adding your trash. If you don’t you will have a huge mess to clean up as the bears spread the trash far and wide. Only use clear bags for recycling and tall white kitchen bags for the kitchen trash bin - bags are located on the shelf in the laundry room. If you leave trash outside and not in the latched trash bin (bear box), you will attract unwanted animals (bears, raccoons, skunks, Kevin) which will make a mess of the trash and I will charge you to clean up ;) ALL TRASH MUST BE BAGGED & BREAK DOWN ALL BOXES


22. Bears: Yes, we have beautiful brown bears that stroll by the house all the time in the spring, summer, and fall. They are typically afraid of people and will run away when they see you outside. If for any reason they don’t, and you want to scare them away, just shout at them, bang some pots and pans, or jump into your car and honk the horn. Why do the bears come by? They are looking for food and want to dig through the trash bin or eat the grease out of the drip pan at the bottom of the grill. Important tips: • Please latch the trash bin with the cable – It’s a bear-proof trash bin, but only when latched • Don’t leave any trash outside and not in the trash bin • Don’t leave food on the deck or by the fire pit for any length of time • PLEASE DON’T FEED THE BEARS 

23. TV, internet & phone: We have flat-panel Smart HDTV. Use your own Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, or Peacock account to watch any programming you want. Access Amazon and Netflix via the voice-activated cable remote or the TV remote.


The internet zone is: the killington chalet and the Password: snowsnow.  We do NOT have a house phone. 


24. Commercial Boot Dryer: The boot dryer will dry a combination of 24 pairs of boots/gloves/sneakers in about an hour or two. Please take the initiative to turn the boot dryer off after it has been on for a sufficient length of time. Used the wall switch to turn the boot dryer On/Off, it's on your right as you enter the room, next to the light switch.


25. Lights: Please conserve electricity. If you leave the house and no one else is home, turn off the lights. When you leave the bathroom – turn off the lights. When you leave your bedroom, turn off the lights. Thank you! 


26. Kitchen: This kitchen is a chef’s dream. It's stainless steel and granite with counter stool seating and equipped with two refrigerators, a double oven, a microwave, dishwasher. We’re very organized, all cabinets and drawers are labeled to make it easier to find things and put everything away in the correct spot. The cabinets are loaded with all the dried spices you could need, baking needs, coffee filters, and all the glasses (high ball, low ball, wine) and dishes. There are lots of pots, pans, bowls, cookie sheets, pizza pans, muffin tins, baking dishes and more. Dishtowels, potholders, cooking utensils, silverware, and bottle openers can be found in the drawers. Dish soap, dishwasher soap, sponges, tall kitchen bags, and a dish drying rack are located under the kitchen sink 


27. Bathrooms: There are two bathrooms in the house, one upstairs and one downstairs. The downstairs bathroom has a tub and shower, while the upstairs only has a shower. Hand soap is in the dispenser at the sink and shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are located in a dispenser in the shower. Hand towels and a bathmat will be hanging on the towel holders Bath towels and washcloths will be found on each bed Under the sink you will find soap and conditioner refills and extra toilet paper. 


28. General (some repeat here): Dishwasher soap is located beneath the kitchen sink. Please do not use regular dish soap in the dishwasher • Dish Soap is located under the kitchen sink • Hand soap refill is located beneath the bathroom sinks • Toilet paper can be found under the bathroom sinks.  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are located in the shower dispenser. Refills are located under the bathroom sinks • Laundry detergent is located in the laundry room – just a few Tide Pods • Garbage bags tall kitchen bags are located under the kitchen sink • Clear Recycle bags are at the bottom of the recycling bucket • Picnic Table – Feel free to use it, it's located on the front deck on the left side of the house


29. Suggested Items to Bring

Paper towels and paper napkins - We are not big on paper products, so if these are a staple of your life, you may want to bring them

Fire starters for wood stove & fire pit: We supply all the wood for the wood stove and fire pits, but you will want to bring some newspaper, cardboard, or fire starters to help you light a fire

A wand lighter for the gas grills, wood stoves & fire pit


Any condiments: We have tons of dried spices, but you will need to bring your own condiments

Coffee, tea & hot chocolate: We have a drip coffee machine and filters

Bathing suit for the hot tub and local lakes

Insect repellent (spring, summer, fall) - There are mosquitos and other bugs in the woods of Vermont, so if you are going to do outdoor activities like hiking and using the fire pit at night, you'll want it. Bring bug spray, be happy!


30. Closing Instructions: 

  • Please clean up after yourself 

  • Wash the pots and pans and put the dishes in the dishwasher and run it

  • If you rented both sides of the duplex, please redistribute dishes, pots, pans, mugs, cups & and silverware between the two units

  • All trash and recycling are placed in the outside trash bin with the cable latch engaged. 


  • Do not remove linens and blankets from the bed

  • Do not wash any towels and linens, they are professionally cleaned off-premise (unless you need them during during your stay)

  • All towels can be placed on the bathroom floor or in the tub/shower 

  • Make sure all windows are closed – remove screens 

  • Turn the thermostat to 60 degrees

  • Turn off all lights

  • Make sure toilet tanks have stopped filling 

  • Double-check to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind

  • Lock all 3 doors and drive home safely 

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