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Below are the house manuals for The Killington Chalet, the Right and Left side of a very large duplex. Both sides of the house are mirror images of each other so the manuals for the most part are identical and yes, each side has its own separate private hot tub. 


A few items to note before reading the manuals:


  • Max Occupancy is 8 People on the Right and 8 People on the Left, 16 People if you rent Both Sides of the duplex.  Occupancy is not based on the number of beds, it's based on the town zoning laws.

  • The left side does not have a sauna, we don't advertise one

  • The wood stoves are different and have different operational instructions - details are in the manuals

  • The bear-proof trash bins are located to the right of the firewood on each side

  • Thermostats: The Right Side has one and the Left Side has two.  Read the manual to understand the heating zones on the left side. 

  • TV: How do I access Live TV vs. your own Netflix, Amazon or other accounts

  • Our primary linen and supply closet for our cleaning team is on the left side of the house.  If you have rented the left side, my team will need to enter the left side of the house if we have a right-side turnover during your stay. We will let you know, so there are no surprises.

  • If you have rented both sides together, you have rented a really huge house with 2 hot tubs for your group



Click on the appropriate manual below

Right Side Entrances and Parking vs. Left Side

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